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Membership Dues:

Builder and Associate membership dues are only $495 per year, Affiliates membership is $75 per year. You will be charged the appropriate amount when filling out the form and submitting to PayPal below.

You can choose our New Installment Plan

  • Your first payment of $295 is due when you join or renew your membership

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  • Your third payment of $115 is due within 30 days after your second installment.

(Builders or associate members only.)

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If this is a new membership, please fill out and submit the application form. This form must be completed and accompanied with payment for your application to be considered.

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When your initial annual dues and the completed membership application have been received by BNHBA, you will be contacted by the membership chair to confirm your application. The board of directors will then vote on your request for membership at the next scheduled board meeting. You will be contacted again once a decision has been made. In the unlikely event that your application is denied, your initial payment will be promptly refunded.

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